Your Favorite Real Housewives Will Tell A Lot About You

Being a fan of Real Housewives says so much about your personality. Being a “real” housewife is a full time job and you are not a stranger to managing conflicts. When you diligently watch the reality show, you start to be familiar with its changing cast members, scandals in the gossip column and their latest alliances.

Keeping up with all the 7 franchises of Real Housewives is bound to break even the most dedicated fan. Each of the series packs their own unique punch. What you pick from among the Real Housewives series will tell a lot about your personality.

If you prefer Real Housewives of Orange County, your appreciation for the Orange County housewives means you are a loyal friend who likes to see things through.
You don’t just jump on the latest trends but you stick to your old favorites until the end. You certainly care about your appearance but you likely do it the healthy way. You love everything that is organic, fresh and all-natural. You want to have a good time and you wholeheartedly enjoy life even if there are bumps on the way.

If you are a big fan of Real Housewives of New York, you are a type of person that can be called a “wild card”. You are always the first on the dance floor and the first to suggest a round of shots. You follow the motto of “work hard, play hard” but you certainly know how to have a good time. However, you don’t let anything distract you from ambitions. You live hard and work hard and your intensity can be intimidating to others.

If your favorite is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can be described as simple and low maintenance. Your wardrobe consists of an exclusive neutral color palette and you care so much about what people think about you. You certainly have a flair for the romantic but you also need the jaw-dropping insults and constantly evolving feuds to feed your thirst for drama. Your life is all about glitz and glamour but underneath it all, you are courageous and steadfast in your beliefs.

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