YMCA Worker Accepts Double Challenge For Fund Raising

A resident of Norwich, Joseph Bickerdike who is a key worker in Norfolk’s YMCA, accepts a double challenge in an effort to raise funds where in the Christian charity is the recipient.

His first challenge will be a marathon this coming April 26 which will take place in London and after a few months he will be going on a Tour de Y bike ride for a total of 360 miles.

Mr Bickerdike works at the YMCA located in central Norwich. He is assigned in the accommodation facility, John Drake House, for more than 18 months now. His work at YMCA has inspired him to join the marathon and be a member of the YMCA team which will represent England.

According to him, he has taken on a number of half-marathons before but has never tried the full marathon though it has been on the list of things he wanted to do in the future. He also shared about people’s positive view regarding the London Marathon which is considered as one of the most well-known race. Mr Bickerdike went on to express his excitement regarding the event though he knows it might be physically challenging before he even reaches 26 miles. His motivation is fueled by his desire to raise money for a great cause.

Mr Bickerdike shared his work on the YMCA Norfolk located in Norwich where he deals with supporting young people in order for them to appreciate the full potential inside of them – body, mind and spirit. These young people have experienced being homeless and he knows the money raised could be a big help to the organization.

Taking on the challenge is also his way of raising awareness and shedding light on people’s general idea of those who are receiving benefits and those who are homeless.

Mr Bickerdike is also a member of the Oak Grove Community Chapel which is also located in Norwich. After the first challenge is done, he will embark on training that will last five months so he could prepare for the Tour de Y cycle challenge which is done annually. His friends will be joining him in this challenge.

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