YAANA To Hold 2nd Operation Smile Fundraiser In Chiang Mai

With the world embracing environmental best practices, organizations and companies across the world have been embracing green operations, cutting down on wastes, looking into renewable energy, that sort of thing. For those that take the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, they’ll be seeing quite a few bike riders on the roads this September.

The 2nd YAANA Corporate Challenge 2018 will be held in Chiang Mai, from the 21 to 23 September, set to attract business people who are interested in environmental best practices, and/or charity events. Proceeds of the two-day/three-night event will be given to a charity, whilst participants get the soak in the views of Northern Thailand with the wind in their hair and without the smell of exhaust, unlike when taking the bus to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, while the night will see social activities.

The social activities happening as part of the event at night will be held in Chiang Mai, and will include a cocktail reception and a dinner with a guest speaker. The end of the event at the 23rd of September, Sunday, will be marked by a closing dinner at an iconic Chiang Mai location, which has yet to be revealed.

All proceeds will go towards funding Operation Smile in Thailand, which will pay for the operation to fix the debilitating deformities of Thai children across the country.

This iteration of the event will only be its second run. The YAANA Corporate Challenge is the brainchild of YAANA Ventures, an investment firm with a history of focusing on responsible tourism efforts.  The event’s logistics will be handled by Khiri Travel and bicycle travel specialists, Grasshopper Adventures. YAANA itself will take the helm with regards to the handling of registration and the fundraising.

YAANA Ventures CFO, Mark Remijan says that the event isn’t a bicycle race, far from it, in fact. The idea behind the event, he says, is corporate networking and fundraising, with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. It’s also about promoting good health, and enjoying wonderful scenery, all while raising funding that’ll improve the lives of youth across Thailand.

The event itself isn’t too strenuous, with options to travel for 140km or 100km over two days, complete with full support, like a “sweeper” van offering drinks throughout the length of the route.

Last year’s event managed to raise a total of US$25,000 dollars, and this year’s event is aiming for at least US$40,000. The inaugural event was held in coastal central Vietnam back in September of 2017.

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