Wrong Health Insurance Package For Thousands Of Consumers

According to a survey that was conducted by one of the leading experts in health insurance in the country, four in every five consumers who opted to have a health insurance are actually paying the wrong one. That is to say, thousands of families are now paying more than what they should have for their health coverage.

Based on a statement by Dermot Goode from TotalHealthCover.ie, employers who are responsible for paying a portion of the costs or the entire health insurance coverage of their staffs are not receiving the best value available in the market.

As of today, there are already 2.12 million people that are covered by health insurance. The number is up by 4,000 compared to the record last December. This data is published from the latest research conducted by the Health Insurance Authority.

According to Mr Goode, 80 per cent of those consumers who are under cover of health insurance are paying for a plan that is too expensive or are not able to receive the benefits due to them. This could mean one thing and that around 1.7 million people are on a health coverage plan that is not suitable for them or their lifestyle.

He also added that not all faults should be blamed on the insurers alone because it is also the responsibility of every consumer to be more proactive when it comes to reviewing the terms of the health insurance properly. This is to make sure that they get healthcare savings in every way possible.

Not only are the consumers that are paying individual plans should be proactive but the employers as well as they spending hundreds of thousands in order to cover their employees health insurance. This is to ensure that they have applied to the right plan.

In four insurers alone, there are 420 plans available to choose from. There are a few things that should be noted such as the benefits that the companies are getting which are changed regularly as well as the costs and the introduction of new schemes every now and then. This should be taken into account when getting health insurance in Thailand, Ireland or anywhere in the world.

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