Workplace Safety Shifts In This Digital Age

Many things are changing in this digital age, from the way things are done in homes to the way things are done at work. In terms of work, workplace safety is definitely one that is undergoing changes.

Fortunately, many of the past issues workers used to worry about are starting to lessen due to how companies have updated the ways workers to stay safe while at the workplace. Here are some manifestations of the changes happening in this digital age to workplace safety.

Improved metal detectors

Many companies have installed walk-through metal detectors to make sure that no one is carrying knives, guns or any other hazardous weapons to the workplace. For someone walking through these metal detectors carrying prohibited items, the detector surely finds it.

This is the initial step in protecting a workplace. Today, it is rare to get past detectors due to these being improved compared to before and are now able to detect even the tiniest pieces of metal.

Bulletproof glass

Many financial institutions like banks have bulletproof glass windows. The bulletproof glass protects bank tellers and workers serving the public.

Increased security

Aside from the usual security guards, increasingly, companies now have digital security cameras. Another security feature of this digital age are motion lights. They protect the workplace outside in. If ever it happens that burglars get past the security guards or motion lights, they still get recorded in the security cameras.

3D visualization technology

This helps one see possible threats before they happen. This technology helps prepare for issues one didn’t see coming.


In sum, it is always best for companies to be prepared for any accident or crime. These tools do not only help workers feel safe while they are working, but these can also increase their productivity especially that they are confident of their safety. Still, this is just the start. More importantly, companies must have programs, services and rules designed to prevent injuries and accidents in their job. And as a result, if a health and safety audit in NZ is conducted, there will be no issues with a company’s health and safety standards.

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