Window Cleaning Services In High Demand Due To High-Rise Buildings

If there is one business to get into these days, it is commercial window cleaning in Sydney because of the current boom in high-rise buildings in the area. Aside from window washers, these high-rise buildings are also in need for repairers.

Currently, there are 30 skyscrapers being built within the central business district of Sydney as well as Chinatown. In the hospitality sector, 40 big hotel brands are launching in the next few years. With these numbers alone, you can see that many dirty windows are to be cleaned up.

The problem now faced by many window cleaning companies is that there is a shortage of employees willing to do the job. Based on SEEK, an online job portal, the number of ads posted for industrial rope access workers is higher by over 50 per cent compared to the same period in 2017.

Daniel Ellis, the spokesperson of SEEK, said that 52 per cent more job ads are posted which is coming from maintenance, painting and window cleaning companies.

A technician’s salary is dependent on their experience and it can range from $65,000 to $100,000.

Mark Knight, the director of Sky5, said that companies are having trouble finding these workers. He alone needs around 10 employees for these jobs and he is not the only one looking for hires but many others all over the industry.

They are not only looking for professionals to do window cleaning but there is also need for painting and repair jobs in the exterior parts of the skyscrapers.

The good part of the job is that workers will be able to see the Sydney Harbour from a new angle when cleaning from the 100th storey of the building. There are also awkward moments such as witnessing people not covered decently while climbing the windows.

Despite the misconceptions of many, the profession is safe as long as the right procedures are followed while on site. There are two ropes used by commercial window cleaning in Sydney and of them is for safety in case the main line is damaged or compromised.

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