Why Napa Valley Is Gaining The Attention Of French Vintners

It looks like the lush Napa Valley in California is gaining the attention of French winemakers. According to Bloomberg Business, winemakers from Bordeaux, France are moving west to invest in vineyards. One of the vintners is Alfred Tesseron an owner of a Bordeaux chateau who searched for a perfect property for years before he finally found Robin William’s 640-acre villa on Mount Veeder. Tesseron’s family purchased Robin William’s Villa Sorriso for $18.1 million; the original price was $35 million.

Global warming has many negative effects on the planet Earth but surprisingly, it is improving the taste of French wines. Over the past few years, there has been a sudden increase in interest from Bordeaux vintners to expand their business in California. A Hong Kong businessman, Pan Sutong, who owns several chateaus in Bordeaux, bought the Sloan property for $40 million in 2011. Araujo Estate that is considered as a “jewel” estate because of its rich history and outstanding reputation was purchased by Francois Pinault of Chateau Lahor. Sales of vineyards have substantially increased in the following years even with the recent wild fires that have negatively impacted on California’s wine industry.

Why are the Frenchmen so interested in investing in Napa Valley? Bordeaux vintners wanted to diversify their investment that is why they are moving to Napa Valley. Many wine collectors are moving to burgundy wines in place of Bordeaux wines due to high prices and their not so stellar vintages. Napa wines particularly cabernets are gaining popularity with sales increasing over the past years. Napa Valley’s global wine brands have also achieved a reputation of producing very fine wines. In the coming years, the more Napa vintners retire from wine making, the more properties will be offered in the market. This is bound to bring more French investors to the Napa Valley. This could result into wines that focus more on elegance and refinement.

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