Why Destination Weddings Are Popular Among Millennial Couples

Destination weddings are getting pretty popular these days particularly among millennial couples. More and more couples prefer to say “I dos” abroad instead of the traditional home-based ceremony and reception. Resorts usually offer wedding packages that are more generous than others in terms of the benefits offered. For example, wedding resort in Hua Hin boasts of the beauty of the setting sun as the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding.

Wedding expert Danielle Andrews of Wedding Planners Institute of Canada estimates that there is at least one in every five Canadian couples who want to hold their nuptials abroad. To narrow down the numbers further, as high as 40% of millennial couples prefer a destination wedding. According to Andrews, millennial couples are looking for more unique locations where they can have a different experience.

While a destination wedding can be an attractive alternative, planning for the event is a different story. Andrews told Global News that a destination wedding is not a one day affair and couples have to take into account the days that their guests will spend for travel and relaxation.

According to Destination Weddings Travel Group 2016 Trend Report, the average number of nights that a couple must plan for is 4 for the guests and 7 for themselves. If the plan is more than 4 days, there must be some sort of excursion that the guests will enjoy.

Destination weddings are usually intimate affairs because only a few of the guests invited will be willing to travel. The average number of guests is usually 28 which make it easier for the couple to enjoy the romantic event.

The peak time for destinations weddings is usually from November to May because of the favourable weather. To make sure of the availability of a resort, book at least one year in advance and give your guests enough notice.

You can book the event at wedding resort in Hua Hin. Share your love story with the wedding coordinator so that it will be showcased for all your loved ones to enjoy. You have plenty options that include a wedding at the beach with the sun setting or a garden party where you can dance all night.

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