What’s It Like Diving In Phuket During The Rainy Season

Thailand includes two seasons: the wet and dry seasons. Most divers from around the world come to this country during the dry season as it is more fun and exciting. But what is diving in Phuket really like during the wet season?

Diving in Thailand During the Rainy Season

Yes, it’s possible to dive in Phuket Thailand during rainy season, but not always and everywhere. On the Andaman Seacoast are diving schools. Low season run from May till October; and the high season can run from November till April. During the rainy season, the actual rainy days only spend half the days, which is six to seven hours of sun per day. This is probably why you can go diving in Phuket amidst the rainy season. However, you need to know that most diving spots are close during off-season.

What About the Waves During Rainy Season?

The winds during rainy season can potentially trigger storms. On many days, it can form huge waves which may not be great for swimming. On the other hand, surfers will love the waves for surfing. For experienced divers, it can be a tiny problem as they can find protected areas in some dive spots. In Phuket, the best spots for diving are Phi Phi, Racha Noi and Rachai Yai islands. Koh Dok Mai is also one place great for diving.

Why You Should Dive in Phuket During Off-season?

  • Lower Prices

Everything that tourists avail during low season is cheaper than those during peak season. It applies for all accommodations in Phuket hotels and resorts. They can even offer discounted room rates, with cheaper flights and more bargains and deals.

  • Fewer Tourists

Obviously, there are fewer tourists coming during the off-season so it’s quieter. There will be lesser people in hotels, along the beach, and less divers opting to go underwater.

  • More to See

Some dive sites are busier during the rainy season, not with people but with animals. You can observe leopard sharks, mantra rays, and other aquatic creatures.

The rainy season may make your Phuket vacation less fun and interesting as you don’t enjoy much of the sun. If you’re out for excitement especially diving in Phuket, we therefore suggest coming here during peak seasons.

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