What Leonardo González Dellán Considers For A Successful Restaurant

A new restaurant owner is often warned about having to work long hours just to earn the amount of money you earn from an 8-hours job. Sadly, for many restaurateurs, this fact is really true. Everything they own is tied up in their restaurant and it consumes most of their time. This is usually what happens when you own an independent restaurant. They may be surviving, but can you classify them as a restaurant success story. This is the concept that Leonardo González Dellán started with until he finally made it in Venezuela.

So how does a restaurant become successful? While defining success in this business can be different from various owners, but the key to its success will be the same, such as:

  • Food

As what Leonardo González Dellán does to his business, customers should like and enjoy what you’re serving. Your menu must include a meal that is well prepared with quality ingredients. If you do that, you can expect your customers to come back for more.

  • Service

Customers prefer a business where they are treated well. If you have great customer service with great food, your customer will come back for a great dining experience. If the experience is not enjoyable, they will look for better restaurants that can provide them with care and respect. You may need to train your employees to have the best impact on your customers.

  • Cleanliness

To have a worthwhile dining experience, you need to provide cleanliness in your restaurant premises. You need to present your restaurant well to potential customers so they consider it clean and sanitary. They will consider the food that you serve through the cleanliness issues they encounter in your restaurant. So ensure your physical building and hygiene are taken into consideration.

  • Cost Control

You need to control your cost so your business won’t suffer. While your customers may not notice the administrative part of your business, they will see the results that it projects. If the costs start to escalate, restaurant owners will need to do something to avoid a serious problem in the business.

According to Leonardo González Dellán, the easiest way to control the costs is to ensure that the menu items are properly accounted for before you serve your menu. You need to monitor the cost to ensure they fit your budget.

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