What Democrats And Republicans Feel About Home Improvements During The Election Year?

Home Advisor is an online service provider that offers tools and resources for home improvement and connects consumers to service professionals. Home Advisor also publishes up-to-date reports through True Cost Survey regarding the attitudes of homeowners and how they arrive at decisions related to home improvements and remodeling projects. The annual True Cost Survey has found a correlation between political affiliations and how homeowners decide on home improvements during the election year of 2016.

Home Advisor has analyzed data from millions of projects that were carried out through its professional finding services and came out with the following results. According to the report Democrats do more research and show more willingness to invest on home improvement projects. More than one fourth of homeowners who were identified to be Democrats have undertaken about 6 months to research major home improvement projects. The survey also reported that 60% of homeowners that were identified to be Republicans spent less than 3 months on home improvement project research.

Democrat homeowners also showed willingness to spend at least $3,417 on home maintenance as well as repair projects while Republican homeowners were only willing to part away with $2,194 for similar projects. On the other hand, Republicans were more likely to complete home improvement projects through DIY techniques to save on the costs of the project instead of hiring professionals.

The most notable difference between Republicans and Democrats is their perception of the economy. 58% of Republicans surveyed feels that the economy is bound to worsen while only 27% of Democrats expect the worse. The more popular home improvement projects the past year include remodeling the kitchen or bathroom including the garage and swimming pool, lawn maintenance, installation of a home alarm system and insect control system.

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