Welcoming The Big Spenders

Following the Thailand government’s crackdown on the illegal businesses and the preparation for the recent four-year draft to address the changes in terms of travel sentiment, the country is going to have better opportunities to attract big-spending tourists, based from experts.

The need for a crackdown

However, according to Supawan Thanomkiatphum, the owner of Bangkok’s Twin Towers and also the Thai Hotels Association’s president, mentioned that it may take several years to change the country’s hospitality industry to that quality tourism destination since there are still many problems that need to be addressed.

These problems involve the illegal hotels and businesses, the zero dollar tours, and the low competitiveness, according to Supawan. However, a crackdown is going to help a lot of operators, especially in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Supawan added.

Tourism in 2017

Tourism is highly sensitive to disasters, terrorism, political issues and violence. The industry may also be influenced by tourist behaviour.

Supawan mentioned that 2017’s tourism business is going to be stable instead of it having a rapid growth since the sector is hard to foresee in a long term perspective. Based from THA, an average room rate for hotels located in Bangkok last year was $150 (Bt 5,250) each night, still lower than Hong Kong and Singapore, but better compared to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Sofitel Hotel Sukhumvit’s general manager William Haandrikman mentioned that the hotels located in Bangkok are going to bounce back following a drop for one month in Q4 2016. With the huge events that did reschedules in Bangkok hotels, the advanced bookings and the recent hotel openings, he is very confident that the tourism and hotel industry would go back to normal soon. Promotions, such as an early bird booking in Sukhumvit or a travel deal, are also going to help the tourism and hospitality sector attract more tourists.

Four-year tourism plan

The Deputy Prime Minister Tanasak Patimapragorn mentioned before that there is recent four-year tourism plan and a series of training activities for the tourism sector, which includes tour operators, tour guides and service providers.

This program aims to give training to greater than 107,020 people, with greater than 10,000 tourism operators projected to receive quality certification for Q1.

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