Wedding Favor Boxes For Small Tokens Of Appreciation

Personalized wedding favor boxes allow your guests to have a simple token from your wedding. The tradition of giving away wedding favors as a gesture of appreciation to family and guests for attending the wedding are shared by most cultures worldwide. There is a wide selection of wedding favors that can placed in a personalized box from sugared almonds, scented candles and soaps or chocolates. The boxes are personalized with the couples names and wedding date.

Weddings are special events but while couples want to follow certain protocols and expectations, it is also important to be frugal. The couple can add their personal touch to wedding favors by creating their favors themselves. Edible items are very popular as wedding favors and they can be placed inside decorative boxes or bags to add an extra touch of class. Non-edible items can include disposable cameras that the guests can use to take pictures of the event.

In order to save on the cost of high end stationary used to create wedding invitations, a wedding couple can consider using emails to send the invites. While it is important to have all the family and friends on the special day, it is not necessary to invite every relative and co-worker. Consider only those that matter and make sure they are on the invite list.

Wedding gifts are not mandatory but guests normally bring gifts for the couple. A better option is to set up a wedding registry but make sure to spread the word so that the guests will know beforehand. Wedding registers are now the trend because the guests are guided to gifts that the couple actually wants. It also saves the guests a lot of time, money and effort.

When planning for the wedding event, it is important to keep everything on schedule and moving. Every attempt must be made to lessen the stress and inconvenience for the couple, family and wedding party. For the convenience of guests, the best option would be a venue that can accommodate both the wedding ceremonies and reception. If this is not possible or when a time gap cannot be avoided, transportation must be provided.

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