Web Designer Firms turns 25

As the industry of website design in Perth grows, a familiar website design firm in the UK just turns older and older. Moore-Wilson, a web design firm based in Old Sarum has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Humble beginnings

It was not an easy route to 25 years old for Moore-Wilson as managing director Steve Wilson recounted his road to success. Starting by designing brochures fresh out of university, he procured a £10,000 loan from the bank. With that money, he purchased the most powerful Apple Mac computer.

He then began calling random companies introducing himself as a graphic designer. At that time, the term ‘graphic designer’ was almost unheard of. He was charging £12.50 an hour and could turn over £11,000 a year. He was merely staying at a student housing that time which had him content with the money he was earning.

The rise of the internet

Wilson had a talk with his dad Cris, who was a mathematician and had knowledge about computing code. He had been inquired numerous times if his team, composed of only three people, was able to provide website services. They would do the graphics design of the website and would send it over to his dad for the coding part.

By the time the internet’s popularity had risen and boomed, Cris opened up their first office located at Salisbury to cater website graphics design. That time, the business was solely focused on graphics design. As the business grew and as the internet continued to soar in popularity, they had began to offer various website services. Graphics design was only half of the business. Now, it is merely 10% of what the business is all about.

Current success

After 25 years, Moore-Wilson had evolved from a brochure designing business into a successful website service provider. From the £12.50 for a brochure, they are now charging from £5,000 to £50,000 per website depending on the size of the company and how complex the site order is.

Aside from website graphics services, they now also specialize in search engine optimization. The business still continues to evolve as the internet keeps on improving.

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