Visit AyushxPak- Urged During The Global Wellness Day

Whether we admit it or not, staying healthy is no longer among the priorities of most human being nowadays owing to the fact that staying healthy itself has become equally stressful especially to frequently busy individuals who are stuck at work during the majority of their everyday schedules. In fact, some of us may even find it easier to eat whatever nowadays and simply forget about healthy eating habits rather than to carefully what we take inside our body because it’s a lot easier and less hectic if you keep on eating what you’ve grown to love. And due to the fact that most people have horribly hectic lifestyles, they are neglecting their healthy by not going to the gym or at the very least, take a break from everything else. You see, regardless of how busy you are on a regular basis or what industry you are working for at the moment, you should make it a habit to visit a wellness centre like AyushxPak for your detoxification and relaxation needs. In addition to this, visiting such a centre will enable you to maximize the benefits of employing Ayurveda medication system which can be good in improve your physical and mental well-being in general.


Last June 10, 2017, Global Wellness Day was successfully celebrated at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok in the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the said celebration was “One Day can Change Your Life”. It encouraged hotel guests, many of them were vacationists, to simply take a pause and reflect on the state of their health. You see, one of the main objectives of the event was to make people realize that if they only make more time for wellness activities such as regularly the Ayurveda-filled AyushxPak centre for various detoxification procedures, they can become fitter and healthier especially for those who are in their senior years. The celebration kicked-off with a morning yoga session at 9’ o’clock in the morning then followed by classes which taught guests about Thai boxing and Aqua Aerobics during the rest of the day. Healthy Thai food were also served to the guests which included chilled lobster, low-fat yogurt, salmon and others.

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