Trends In Decking To Be Expected This 2017

When you say decks, people would instantly think of it as a space where they can come together and enjoy what the outdoor has to offer. If you are planning to spice up your deck, here are some trends that are expected to takeoff this 2017.

Composite Decking. For the longest time, homeowners are led to believe that the only way to have a deck is wooden decks. The problem with wood overtime is that it starts to warp and it can splint the longer it age. Composite decking is now a trend because many homeowners realized that it last longer than wood and can withstand natural elements.

Deck Board Bending. Curves are now making a name in the decking industry which is challenging the traditional belief that decks require square corners. With the help of technology, deck boards can now be shaped into whatever the homeowner desires.

Virtual Deck Design. Installing a deck requires investment thus it is important for a homeowner to make sure that they are making the right decision. With the aid of virtual deck design, customers will be able to see what it is like to have the deck in their property before taking the plunge. 3D versions are made with the use of software tools and applications for them to actually see what their home will look like with a deck.

Heating and Lighting. Many homeowners think that decks can only be enjoyed during the warm weather. The deck is considered a part of the home thus it should be utilized during the fall season and even during winter. Heating and lighting technology can be adapted such as ceramic style heaters which will provide spot heating and fire pits which provide comfort as well as warmth during the cold days.

Gray Decking. This is getting more common since a lot of homeowners are tired of the wooden and brown color for the traditional deck. Manufacturers developed paints and stains that varies in color and can be used in desk without worrying about its longevity. Homeowners who are planning to have a unique decking should consult their local landscape decking provider.

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