Trees Versus Trams: The Politics Behind It

A lot of residents in Sydney have been complaining for years regarding the lack of public transport that is reliable and could play a meaningful role in their everyday lives.

Back in 2012, the state government made an announcement that it is going to allocate billions in order to build a light rail service that is coming from the city. This will have two branches going to the south to eastern suburbs located in Randwick and Kingsford.

There were praises from the residents, industry as well as councils regarding the proposed project because it will not only lessen the bus congestion that is plaguing CBD, it will also remove a lot of cars from the road, provide a reliable transport system for the locals, students of UNSW, the people going to Prince of Wales Hospital and it will also match the timetable they have at the sporting precinct of the Central to Moore Park.

The downside is that it will take years for the construction to finish, there will be road closures and there will be loss when it comes to public amenities such as parks and trees.

Despite the benefits the project has presented, there is now an ongoing issue regarding the tees being cut down especially those old figs that are located along Anzac Parade and the ones that are close to the UNSW located in Wansey Road.

Politics is considered the act of balancing. There is still an ongoing debate on whether the destruction of these trees is worth it for the construction of the public transport. Though it is considered that every fig tree removed is pales in comparison to what is to come in terms of the transport project once it is done.

The once acclaimed project head of the South East Light Rail, Marg Predergast, is now facing public hatred and scrutiny. She is now facing a list of charges.

This project is badly wanted by the public but there are now various attacks coming from protesters. Outsiders have even given their views regarding the matter saying that if the local want trees then they can give them the tram.

Though progress is painful, it is also a necessary thing.

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