To Teach Students Entrepreneurship Is What Student Painters Aims For

For those who are looking for a great paint job, Miles Droege and his band of painters are currently offering La Porte residents painting services of good quality and at an affordable price. Not only is he doing this to earn money, but also to learn more about business.

Student Painters which is a branch of the Young Entrepreneurs Across America (YEAA), is a program that is aimed to provide college students internships and to give them the tools that they will need in order to become successful.

That is where Droege got his chance of expanding his knowledge and skills in the business world. Student Painters has allowed him to run and manage his own branch of the painting company. Droege was not the only one who was gifted with this opportunity but also a great number of college students and homeowners have been granted this position by Student Painters with its partner Sherwin Williams, a paint company tasked to train painters.

Droege said that he really thinks that it’s a really great opportunity not only for him but for all those who are involved and that the biggest and greatest thing about the whole program is that they teach you how to run your own business. He also wants his painters to know that they are not just workers but they are also helping this business grow.

Droege is only a 19-year old La Porte native and is currently a freshman student at the Purdue University studying business management. He first heard about Student Painters from his resident adviser and quickly after that, he became really involved and is now a branch manager that will bring the painting company to La Porte for the first time.

He says that running Student Painters is the same as running your own business with a little help from executives. They provide the tools and teach them how to do it but the business management is solely for you only.

The crews are made up of four individuals, three of whom are painters and one production assistant but all of them will report to Droege.

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