Tips To Keep Your Home Termite Free After Floods

Floods and hurricanes are a natural occurrence that cannot be predicted. The floodwater damages the homes and makes them wet and humid. Once the floodwater recedes, the home is prone to attach from various pests and termites because of the damp and humid conditions.

The first thing to safeguard your home from termites is to call your pest control provider for termite inspections in Sydney for a thorough check-up and inspection of your home. The pest control provider will send a specialist to inspect your home and surroundings for any possible infestation.

The termite control treatment is done using baits for the termites to prevent them for entering the home. If the bait stations are not affected by the flood, your home will continue to have the protection cover from termites. A specialist pest control employee will be able to carry on detailed termite inspections in Sydney to check the condition of the bait stations and carry on necessary replacements and repairs if required.

While having a pest control treatment done, check for the chemicals used for termite treatment. All the reputed companies will use waterproof chemicals, which are not affected by flooding even when it is salt water. The chemicals will not leech out of the stations even after prolonged flooding. This helps to keep the bait stations in place and working effectively during flooding and after the floodwater recedes back.

If the area you stay suffers from soil washouts, a liquid barrier protection treatment from termites becomes ineffective. The liquid chemicals are easily bio degradable in wet conditions when compared to the bait stations. Always insist your pest con troll provider to use bait stations for termite treatment, if you reside in a flood prone area.

Since termites and pests are attracted to the damp and humid conditions post flooding, it is very essential to carry out termite inspections in Sydney immediately after the floodwater recedes, during the recovery phase. An early inspection will help you to identify and repair and damages to the bait stations and replace or repair them according to the requirement. Make sure your service contract has a clause relating to check up and treatment after floods.

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