Things To Do During Blocked Drains Repair

If you have already scheduled a blocked drains repair, the next thing to do is prepare for the actual visit from the plumbing expert. If this is your first time to have a pluming job in your property, it would be wise to check on the following receiving etiquettes or even precautions to ensure that the job would be safe, effective and cost-efficient. Here are some ideas:

  • Before the job schedule, make it a point to free the area where the plumber will work on. Take away items or potential obstructions in the area. This way, the drain cleaner can easily do his job and he will not take time to remove the clutters. Drain cleaning can be messy so keep your pets or kids away from the area to prevent germs exposure.
  • Ask for proper identification before you let the plumber into your property. Ask for ID and job order from the company. You should also call the company to validate that the plumber was the one the company sent for your blocked drains.
  • Take the drain cleaner to the working area. Do not allow him to roam around your property on his own for security reasons. Most technicians from reputable plumbing companies professional in conduct but you never know what goes into the mind of people.
  • Keep your valuables away. Avoid exposing your personal items such as watches, wallets, electronic gadgets and other pricey personal belongings. If he must work inside your bedroom or in a bathroom inside your room, make it a point to be where he can easily see you while he is working. This will keep him from doing anything unacceptable.
  • Allow the plumber for blocked drains to concentrate on his work. Avoid unnecessary chats that may disrupt his concentration. However, stay in a close distance where he can easily approach you if he needs anything from you.
  • When he is done with his job, pour water into the drain to see check if the job was successful or if it needs further work. Thank the drain cleaner and pay the bill.

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