The Universal Healthcare Of Thailand And What It Can Impart To The World

Universal healthcare is now the goal of every country in the world. Not everyone is able to do so and the prospect remains as one of their goals. A number of them, however, have already started applying the coverage scheme of the universal healthcare system. We all know the importance of health insurance in Thailand and everywhere in the world because of the rising costs in medical expenses. This is why many countries are pushing for universal healthcare. Let us look at Thailand for example. The leaders are currently at the top of their game as they have implemented the healthcare reform that wanted without spending too much.

According to a data back in 2000, about one-fourth of the total population of Thailand are not under any insurance coverage while others have existing policies that does not cover full protection. Because of this, the country experienced a crisis in the healthcare department. Over 170,000 children that are aged five years and below passed away that same year ad about two-thirds of that number is caused by infectious diseases that could have been prevented. Around 20 per cent of the household in Thailand that are poor fell into deeper state of poverty because they have to pay for their healthcare expenses out of their own pockets.

It was the following year that Thailand launched the UCS or Universal Coverage Scheme. This was referred to as one of the most ambitious reforms to happen in healthcare that was implemented in a developing nation. Under the UCS, citizens will have access to outpatient, emergency and inpatient care depending on what they need.

The reform was implemented to all the provinces of Thailand a year after it was launched. As of 2011, around 98 per cent of the total population or 48 million citizens are already covered by UCS. This is why it has been tagged that the country has one of the best systems when it comes to health insurance in Thailand despite the fact that it is only a developing country. There are many factors that contributed to its success such as the support system and the wide reach of the scheme.

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