The Rising Popularity Of E-Sports

Two year ago, the League of Legends held their finals game for the world championship and sixty million people witnessed the battles. Professional game players participated during the event in order to bag the tile for being the best players in the world. Not to mention the prize money that was at stake was $1 million. After the event, a lot of game reviews were posted online to discuss the game strategies.

One might not realize the impact of the e-sports in the current population but if you think about the Oscars ceremony in 2015, 65 million viewers tuned in all over the globe. Now you can compare how big the influence of the competitive video gaming has.

E-sports are now considered to be a global phenomenon because of the number of following. Many are vying to be the best in the world because of the title and the prize money at stake. The highest tournament prize was $25 million. To realize the impact of e-sports, the Luxor Casino which is located in Las Vegas dedicated an arena wherein players can compete. The space is equipped with a 50-foot LED which is attached to on the wall for video streaming and it has a competition stage as well as telescopic seating.

Many are now questioning whether e-sports should really be considered as a sport.The very first tournament of e-sports happened in Stamford University in 1972. The game they are competing against is Spacewar and the winner will get one year of Rolling Stones subscription. The first competition event was in 1980 where 10,000 individuals participated. It was for the championship of the Space Invaders video game.

From then on, video game developers have included high score games in their features. The first video game to be features on the Guinness Book of World Records because of the high score was Twin Galaxies. From 1990s on wards, things escalated because of the internet and the introduction of the World Wide Web. Now there are millions of video games found online, free and paid. There are thousands of game reviews on a single game while video game streaming has also gained popularity.

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