The Pop Culture Of Things Geek And Nerdy: Is It On Its Peak?

Science fantasy and fiction alongside superhero based plots take over the American pop culture. These genre which were once called geeky and weird have now become mainstream and an inspiration for most blockbuster movies and television shows. This pop culture has become an everyday thing which is widely accepted.

The evolution is evident in the yearly Comic-Con International held at San Diego in California. This event celebrates science fiction, fantasy and comic books. This three day event first started in 1970 with about 300 people in attendance. Today, there are thousands of participants who come dressed in TV or Movie Costumes and so on. They come to see studios like Warner Bros. and Disney, TV Networks like AMC and CBS, etc. presenting their projects.

As to how this all started, one film defined everything: a 1977 plot about a galaxy. Before Star Wars, science fiction was not something the public would be fascinated in. The same is said for comic book based adaptations. Today, those called nerdy domains have acquired a cool vibe to them. The lovers of this genre become welcomed into the mainstream.

There are drawbacks to the increasing crowd that go to San Diego during summer. The convention has turned too commercial. It is now becoming an industry show and not a fan show.

Avid con-goers think it is better when more are involved. With the new found affair with things geek, the pop culture has lasting power. This is evident with major studios. Marvel Studios have movies until 2019 scheduled. Suicide Squad from Warner Bros. is set to release next month. At Comic-Con, it was revealed that there are new superhero TV shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Gotham, Flash and Green Arrow also continues with its new seasons. New multiple Star Wars films and its spin offs are also planned. A new and different series which is set in Harry Potter world is due to be released this year too.

Whether or not the audiences will get tired of this pop culture are still to be seen but science fiction and fantasy are here to remain.

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