The Importance Of Staying On Top Of Software Updates

There is software that dramatically streamlines and simplifies performance evaluations for managers and their team. In the past decade, many companies have implemented performance management software to change the traditional way that companies do their performance reviews. However, not all types of software that have been developed can be useful to companies because the most recent threat to the internet is malicious software that is known as Ransomware.

Ransomware is transmitted through emails or web pop-ups that lock important data on the website. The organization is threatened that if ransom is not paid, the data will be destroyed. More than 200,000 computers that use Windows operating system in 150 countries have been affected by the cyber-attack. The cyber criminals have targeted companies and businesses including hospitals, academic institutions and blue-chip companies in China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Great Britain.

Not only governments and companies have so much to lose from cyber attacks. Even individuals have to secure their systems and undertake the necessary security measures to protect their data. On the part of companies, they must ensure to train employees on the proper security practices and to be cautious with their online behaviour to prevent the malware from infecting the company’s network.

According to security experts, the malware that started the global attack is WannaCrythat travelled through a broader network of computers that were linked through the Windows file sharing system. However, it was revealed later that before the attack, Windows has released a patch for WannaCry’s vulnerability. If people and organizations have stayed on top of the security updates, their computers will be spared from the malware.

Mac and Linux computers were spared from the cyber attack but it does not mean that people and organizations have to be complacent with their security. Computers running on Windows must be configured to automatically install the latest software updates.

On the other hand, performance management software is a very useful tool that can be used by organizations to make sure that performance reviews are fair and easier to understand for employees. A better relationship is build between the organization and employees because the performance review process minimizes errors and inefficiencies.

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