The Growth Of The Number Of Tennessee Pet Grooming Salons

Our dogs need grooming, too. From haircuts, to proper baths, to brushing of their furs and even, cutting their sharp nails in their paws, these cute dogs of our need professional grooming services to make sure that their needs are properly ended to by professional Tennessee pet grooming experts who have many years’ worth of experiencing in providing different grooming services to dogs and even cats. Aside from their unquestioned experience, dog groomers, not just in Tennessee but in other major cities in the world, can offer more than just grooming. They know how to properly handle even the most violent and biggest dog that has been brought into their salon without hurting the dog or even compromise the safety and health of the said dog. You see, safety has become the number priority of dog groomers and that’s why they continue to upgrade their skill sets and the various grooming equipment that they have in their respective salons to make sure that they can keep up with the rapid growth of the business of dog grooming.

Just last August of 2016, Britani Warner, 24 at that time, a dog groomer herself, has bought a dog grooming business in 2015 from a business partner and decided to finally opened a bigger business in a much bigger location. This year, Ms. Warner, a self-proclaimed dog lover “since birth” hopes to add a few more features to her continuous growing business which is now included in the growing number of Tennessee pet grooming salons over the recent years. Some of these new features that Ms. Warner plans toad to her business is the dog and cat overnight boarding. In addition to this, the said dog groomer is also hoping to debut her new line of pet care products which include nail polish for dogs, oil-based paw balms and, other essential oil-infused paw and coat care products. Ms. Warner’s decision to move to a bigger location has been influenced by her belief that the rooms for shampooing and blow-drying pets of her clients needed a full upgrade for the business to continuously accept new clients.

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