The Facts About Braces Programs In The Mail

If you are fond of following social media influencers in Instagram, you might have seen some of them showing off their invisible braces or their retainers which comes with a promotional code on the caption. It has taken the world by surprise that the orthodontic accessory is now considered a trend which prompts many to follow with the concept and many are taking interest with the advertisement. It is important to note that recommendations for best method of orthodontics that will suit you should be coming from professionals and should not be influenced by these posts alone.

Smile Direct Club is one of the most popular companies nowadays because of its mail-in program that allows patient to have their aligners in a more convenient manner. The process starts with the company sending a kit to the patient’s house which will be used to create 3D mold of their teeth. The mold is then sent to dental professional that will make the retainer plan and the patient will be sent a preview of hoe their future smile will be. The patient will then go to the dentist for a basic check-up. After which, they will just need to wait for their aligners to be sent through the mail and they are ready to be worn.

Many would ask why people would choose this method compared to the traditional one and the answer would be because it is cheaper. According to the website, the new method is 60 per cent cheaper compared to the traditional one.

This is one of the reasons why there is orthodontics that are not happy with the said services. If the patients are only paying almost half the traditional price, does this mean that their aligners is not as effective as the traditional braces?

If you check the website of Smile Direct, you will be overwhelmed with positive reviews and before and after photos that shows that changes among those who have tried the aligners. This does not mean that there are no negative reviews as there are a handful of reviewers that said their aligners did not work wonders for them. Dental professionals said that aligners can produce positive result but is not always the case for all patients. This is the reason why visiting a professional is recommended because they know the best method of orthodontics that will work for every patient.

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