The Decline Of A Once Popular International School

Education institutes in the country should learn from what happened to an international school in Bangkok as it rises as a prestigious school and how its decline came to be.

Twenty years ago, the institution was considered as high ranking with a thousand students under their tutelage. These students are comprised of a majority of Thais and Indians. Nowadays, they only have a hundred students enrolled in their school. There are many factors that contribute to the decline of what is now known as the Thai Sick School. The most common factor in all failed institutions is mismanagement. The school is notorious because of the high number of teachers that quit at very short times teaching in the school because they couldn’t handle the work pressure. The number is staggering that it can be considered a world record.

The adviser of the school is believed to be a great educator but they did not take action on the matter but rather put the blame to the teachers. They held meetings regularly even until the late hours in the evening. The status of the teachers in the school is lower than that of the students and parents as well as other employees in the school. A month was taken from their holidays and if they report one day late there will be salary deductions.

Due to the treatment to the teachers, they were not able to discipline the students in their class for they are treated as lower than them. The management of the school did not do anything to rectify the situation while the headmaster acts like it was business as usual.

Teachers were considered to be laborers by those in the management and their welfare fund is already nonexistent. Their contributions when they decide to end their service are not refunded. They were even charged with a fee of 120 baht for using the phone when they don’t even have a phone at their accommodation.

This should serve as a warning to other international school in Bangkok to take a good look at their management in order to spare their institutions from falling in the same trap.

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