The 10 Basic Steps Of Learning How To Sail

There are times when life can get quite overwhelming and because of this, you may need to take a step back. Sailing is the perfect way to get away from the everyday stresses of life, relax and renew your focus in life. However, before you can set sail towards the beautiful sun and the azure ocean waters, you must first learn how to sail. Learning can both be done with a course or even just with jumping on a boat and have a friend teach you.

Here is a simple and helpful order on how you can learn how to sail. Know that you don’t have to follow these steps in this order.

  1. Before you can go sailing, one of the first and most important things that you should first do is understand and remember the basic sailing terms, or the words that are used to talk about sailing and sailing skills. Don’t worry about memorization because as soon as you understand them, they’ll come naturally to you.
  2. “Haul in the jibsheet!” Your instructor will tell you. The problem is you didn’t actually quite understand what he is saying or what a jibsheet is. That is why before you go to the boat you should at least get a grasp on the different boat terms that use to refer to some of the parts.
  3. It is important that you also understand and remember the different parts of a sailboat. You should try to remember their purpose and how they function.
  4. Before you can go sailing you should probably ready the sailboat first. But how are you going to do that when you know nothing about boat preparation? Learn, of course.
  5. After you learn how to prepare a boat, the next thing you would have to learn are the different sailing techniques you can use to manipulate the sails and go to the direction you want.
  6. Next, learning how to change direction is also important otherwise you’ll get lost in the sea.
  7. Once you learn about tacking and gybing, you would then have to learn how to recover from a capsize in the case your boat gets capsized.
  8. How are you going to accelerate or use the equipments that you have ignored so far? You should develop additional sailing skills.
  9. Tying knots are critical to sailing and it is important that you know how.
  10. The last step is all about sailing safety. The ocean is vast and quite dangerous. Once you learn all about safety, you are then ready to go on bareboat charter holidays.
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