Sustainability Is Key In The Machinery Industry

The recent COP21 meeting held in Paris was a crucial event that would have a significant effect on sustainability. The Montreal and Tokyo Protocols, Magnus Arvidsson, who is a Business Engineer at SKF Group explains that while this meeting in Paris is important in shaping environmental policy, the liquid machinery is likely to be affected by the introduction of practical measures that will restrict future temperature rises to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

Prior to this, another significant legislation known as the Montreal Protocol that came into effect in 1989 was just as crucial in shaping the machinery industry. This legislation was passed with the goal of reversing damage to the ozone layer created by HFC and HCFC refrigerants. This has led to changes such as refrigerants being banned in different parts of the world as well as industries starting from next year. As such, it was mentioned that substitutes need to be found such as a refrigerant known as R-1234yf. Companies who have not complied to this ruling for sustainability are under haste to prepare as there is now a time pressure to comply to. This legislation will affect the use of compressors purposed for refrigeration such as air conditioning units in cars to hospital cooling systems.

While this is happening, it is also expected for air conditioning systems to become more energy efficient. One of the solutions as developed by SKF Group was to make these centrifugal compressors oil-free. Leading this change in the US is HVAC OEM, a company which sought to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency for its centrifugal compressors. Recently, the company has upgraded its line of magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, the YMC2 range, which is able to handle 1,0000 tonnes of cooling. This is a good example of a company pushing its environmental sustainability agenda while increasing efficiency. SKF Group assisted HVAC OEM to meet this goal by supplying magnetic bearings, as well as other accessories such as the motor and control unit.

This is just an example of how companies are helping to improve the sustainability of its compressors and other fluid machinery. If you’re looking to purchase industrial machinery such as compressors and air blower, it is important to select and source from these machines from reputable companies around the world. As technology to maintain sustainability advances, the production of such machinery becomes more complex and specialized.

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