Start Shopping On Mondays When Items Are Cheaper

A recent research study has shown that items can be cheaper up to 18 percent during Mondays than on any other day or for the rest of the week.

Shoppers go on hours hunting for the best deals and discounts. They search for great finds anywhere from clothing to gadgets to home furniture and so on. Clothing, Tech, TV Store Online or any other online stores capitalize on the accessibility of shopping done online by consumers. Even for online stores, this method of shopping online for products and services is beneficial for them not having to invest in physical stores to put in malls and other areas. Not everyone has the time to look for what they need by physically going to shops or boutiques.

But, the results of the research is more beneficial to consumers and buyers than to online stores or retailers. For online shoppers, buying on Mondays means more money being saved. Hundreds can be saved simply by shopping on a Monday than on any other days of the week especially during the weekends. Demands are greater on Fridays to Sundays since more shoppers are free on these days. They have more time to spend in searching and browsing the web. With this, retailers push prices up to take advantage of shoppers’ shopping days. Online retailers have the ability to change their prices every day and every hour depending on several factors that include demand, competition and current weather. They do this over software or even manually to monitor sales.

Over the course of over a few months, some 7 thousand products in different categories were analyzed. The costs were examined. Categories like games, eyewear, bags, fitness trackers, tents, trampolines, consoles, shoes and so on were looked into. The research mostly focused into leisure items. They found out that board games are cheaper on Monday, and these are the most expensive on Friday. Other items like tents and fitness/activity trackers were also cheaper on Monday. The company that made the study did not however show cash amounts or figures. The findings just suggested that weekend shoppers are paying more in a span of a year.

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