Some Important Features Of Reputed Schools In Bangkok Which Follow British Curriculum

A major concern for expats in Bangkok is to find a good school for their children. They want a good international school which offers educations at all levels, such as nursery, primary and secondary. The quality of education offered by the school plays an important role in the overall development of the child. Hence finding a right school for the kids is a high priority task for most of the parents.

There are reputed schools which follow the framework of National Curriculum for England and Wales, and can be considered as British Secondary School in Bangkok. These schools are recognized by many external institutions like IBO, IGCSC, WASC and CIS. They offer high quality international education which equals the British standards.

Students study a wide range of subjects in these schools. They are given opportunities to take part in various cultural activities and showcase their talents.  The reputed British Secondary School in Bangkok provide a range of extracurricular activities like, sports, cultural activities, academic clubs and residential trips. These activities help to nurture the young minds. The students are also provided chances for inter cultural learning by inviting speakers from outside, celebrating local and international festivals and participating in residential trips.

The famous British Secondary School in Bangkok follows the pastoral support system for the emotional and personal development of the student. Each student has a dedicated tutor, who meets the student at regular intervals to discuss about academic and other issues related to the students. The tutor acts as a mediator between the subject teachers, students, parents and the secondary head teacher.

The school follows the IGCSE curriculum for years 10 and 11. The curriculum is internationally accepted as the leading curriculum for British Secondary School in Bangkok. The school takes regular assessment of the students in two models – formative and summative assessments. The formative assessment is a on-going process, which includes projects and presentations, class tests and teacher observations. The summative assessments are the formal examinations taken at the end of the course to test the understanding of the students in various subjects.  The students received a report card with detailed grades for their performance.

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