Solar Energy For Heating And Cooling Of Buildings In Jordan

The most common source of power for air conditioning is electricity generated through natural gas or fossil fuels. However, in Jordan, they utilize solar energy for heating and cooling of buildings. According to Yaseen Khayyat, the Minister of Environment, Jordan is the first developing country that utilizes solar energy for cooling systems.

Four sites in Jordan have been equipped with units that can turn the energy from the sun to electricity to provide power to cooling units. This was made possible through €4.3 million programme that was funded by a German international cooperation agency (GIZ) that introduced thermal cooling technology to Jordan. The four sites that benefit from solar energy include German Jordanian University, Petra Guest House, Irbid Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Cultural Centre.

The technology that uses solar energy for the heating and cooling of buildings is considered a milestone in the search for environmentally friendly technologies for the power sector. It was specifically mentioned by the minister that there was a 40% reduction in the power consumption of the four locations after the installations of the thermal cooling systems.

The state-of-the-art system provides other benefits aside from the significant reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages the use of renewable energy resources and it has served as a basis of reference for researchers and experts in other developing countries all over world.

The four locations have become a model for sustainable air conditioning in Jordan. The project that was implemented by Millennium Energy Industries has made Jordan as the regional hub for solar thermal cooling technology. In a kingdom that enjoys 330 days of sunlight every year, the solar cooling unit will cut down electricity bills. At least 75% of the income from programmes and functions at the Royal Cultural Centre goes to their electric bills.

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