Silver State’s Lithium Mine To Support The Growing Demand From Tesla And Panasonic

The Silver State’s economy is partly dependent on mining which started about a century and a half ago. 15% of the country’s mineral needs are being provided by Nevada; however, there is one mineral the state produces which can only be found in a few places across the world.

Nevada is the only state in America that operates a lithium mine. The Silver Peak mine used to be old silver mine operation from 1864 to the early part of the 20th century. In 1966, several miners discovered that the waters contained lithium. Half a century after, the lithium mining operations continue on going stronger.

Tesla and Panasonic are the major consumers of lithium and it expected that the demand will continue for a very long time. Lithium is one of the components of batteries and with Tesla’s electric cars, massive amounts of batteries will be required in the coming days. According to Dana Bennett, the president of Nevada Mining Association, Silver Peak mines will get bigger because it has to support the demand.

The Silver Peak mine located southwest of Tonopah does not look like it is a mine. Lithium which can be found in the underground waters is pumped into large pools for the evaporation process. After waiting for 12 to 18 months, the brine contained by the ponds are concentrated enough before it is factory-processed into lithium carbonate.

With the growth of battery technology and battery storage, lithium will become an important component of daily life. North Carolina-based Albermarie’s Vice-President David Klanecky says that if the mine is expanded it can produce 50% more to meet any future demands for lithium.

Last year, the global demand for lithium was 185,000 metric tons and it expected that the demand will double by 2020. However, to sustain the growth of lithium mining, it is important to allow Nevada mining industry to explore all options.

The technical expertise and resources of the ball mill manufacturer is very critical to the success of the mining industry. Whatever materials that are mined must undergo various grinding and crushing processes before they can be processed into a finished product that will be used various industries.

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