Seven Guidelines To Enjoy Your First Trip To Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful city and is popular with tourists around the world for its food, shopping and nightlife. But the first trip to the city of angels can be overwhelming. The busy streets and the diverse culture of the country might be challenging to cope with. Here are a few tips for first time visitors to Bangkok.

  • Choose a proper time to visit Bangkok. Avoid the rainy season. Plan your first visit to Bangkok, between November and February. This period is the best time to visit the city as the weather is pleasant. Plan the travel early and make hotel booking. You can also get deals on booking modern hotel in Sukhumvit, if you plan your travel early and book in advance.
  • Once, you plan your travel dates the next step is to search for hotels. The quality of the hotel plays an important role in determining your holiday experience. Choose the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, which offers great amenities and spacious rooms. There are many hotel-booking sites that help you to compare different hotels and select the best ones. You can also visit the hotel website to know about the services of the hotel and amenities.
  • Get a new sim card. You can buy international calling cards with 3G at the SuvarnaBhoomi International airport or in the city.
  • Get a map of Bangkok to know your way around the city. Map books are available at the airports or at the modern hotel in Sukhumvit, where you stay.
  • Exchange currency outside the airport. There are many banks and currency exchanges in the Sukhumvitarea. You will get a good deal for currency exchange outside the airport.
  • Getting around Bangkok is easier, if you use the mass transit systems or the public transport. Bangkok is well connected through MRT and BTS. You can also use the Public buses to commute between two points. You can also use the taxis but make sure the taxi driver downs the meter before the ride.
  • Sample the food of Bangkok. Bangkok is popular for its food and your trip will not be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Most of the modern hotel in Sukhumvithave their in-house restaurants which service authentic Thai as well as world cuisine. You can also visit the famous street markets to sample the local food.
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