Second Best Boat Charter In Croatia

After the last season has ended, there is a rapid increase in the number of boats that are available for rent in Croatia through the Click&Boat online portal.

Click&Boat is a new startup which is a French online platform that offers boat rental. Data shows that France took the first spot when it comes to the number of booking and Croatia followed on the second spot. This is brought about by the sudden increase in demand for 2017. After the previous season has ended, it can be noted that the number of boats that are available for rent in Croatia has tripled in number as shown in the platform. There are now almost a thousand boats available to be rented. This is according to a report published by before the end of March 2017.

Click&Boat is an online platform accessible all over the globe for users who are interested in boat rental and they are in operation throughout the year. The manager of the digital portal based in Croatia is Dubravka Puljak. According to her, they devoted the winter months in anticipation for the coming tourist season. They have improved the platform so users will have better experience in the technical aspect. They have also been busy receiving feedback from clients as well as accessing new markets.

Every day, there is a notable increase in the number of boats that are available for booking in Croatia via the website of Click&Boat. Puljak added that the thousand boats now posted on the website makes up 10 per cent of the entire number of boats that are available for rent through the platform. Ever since it started, over 10,000 clients have experienced sailing to the Croatian Adriatic with the boats booked through the website. They are expecting that this number will increase 10 times within the next two years.

She also revealed that the increase in popularity of Croatia for chartering boats is the reason why they are predicting a positive impact in the coming years. Data has shown that Croatia took the second spot as the most popular destination. If Europe is not your cup of tea, you can also try Phuket boat charter in Asia.

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