Scheme For Green Logistics Launched By Cainiao

Logistics is one of the most important industries in the world such as logistics transport in Perth but it can’t be denied that it is also a major source of pollution. For this reason, Cainiao Network decided to create a scheme wherein their logistics will follow the green principle. It was recently unveiled and it features the first ever green warehouse in the whole world. With the green logistics, the company will be using sustainable methods which will be employed into all its businesses. The plan will start with the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival by Alibaba happening in November.

The subsidiary or Alibaba which is operated through data will be utilizing 20 green warehouses all over China during the Double 11. In these warehouses, the company said that all the parcels will be packed using only renewable materials before they are shipped out.

Another part of the scheme is to employ the delivery points of Cainiao that is located in main cities to be recycling facilities for their cardboard boxes. These cities are Hangzou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Before the coming launch this November, the recycling operation at Hangzhou started on September 15 in all of its delivery points. Cainiao is happy to say that during the first week, they were able to recycle about 10,000 boxes.

With the help of recycling program, customers who wish to recycle their discarded shipping boxes may go to the nearest delivery points. Cainiao will make use of the boxes that are still acceptable while the rest will be recycled. Cainiao has proven even before this recycling scheme that they are passionate about recycling as they were able to reuse more than 300,000 cardboard boxes in the previous year.

With their master plan, they promised to plant 100,000 trees in the rural northwestern part of China to help fight desertification. They are also hoping that more companies will follow such as logistics transport in Perth in order for green logistics to become a norm and to help combat pollution and the growing number of waste materials produced by packing and shipping.

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