Reviving The Struggling Coal Industry In The US Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Even if the new president-elect wants to revive the struggling coal industry in the United States, the promise might not be easily accomplished. In the past three weeks, an announcement was made by the owners of the two largest coal-fired power plants regarding their plans to shut down the plants. One of largest coal-fired facility is located in Arizona and this potentially means hundreds of workers losing their jobs.

Even with the efforts of the new administration to roll back the Obama energy regulations, local coal jobs cannot be recovered because of economic realities. The decision that was made this week by the utilities that own Navajo Generating Station in Arizona to decommission the plant at the end of 2019 came earlier than expected.

The 2,250-megawatt plant faces the challenge of record-low natural gas prices. This poses a financial pressure on the owners because it has become more expensive to produce electricity at their facility than buy it from cheaper sources. According to Mike Hummel, deputy general of the Salt River Project that operated the plant and several utility companies, the decision was not easy.

Navajo Generating Station has an obligation to provide its 1 million consumers in the state of Arizona and Phoenix Metropolitan area with low cost service. Since NGS operates at a higher cost, it will be passed down to the consumers.

NGS is one of the reasons why the area has thrived but on the other hand, environmental activists welcome the closure of the plant because it is number three in the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) list of major carbon-emitting facilities.

The closure will deal a severe economic blow to Arizona and nearby areas because nearly 800 workers will lose their jobs. Members of the Navajo and Hopi tribes are receiving royalties from the plant. The owners have announced that the tribes can step in and operate the facility beyond 2019.

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