Retirement Villages Received Hope

Clr Tyrell Meyers, the PR councilor for ward 124 by the Defense Attorney, together with Clr Suzanne Clarke, City of Johannesburg’s housing chairperson, went to the retirement villages located in Reuven and Glensek for an unannounced visit. The visit took place last Tuesday, January 17.

Clr Meyers said that the visit is due to the fact that they have received a number of complaints regarding the failure of the previous administration in terms of serving the senior citizens that are residing in the said villages. There are also complaints about their basic human rights being infringed by the previous admin. The worst is that the villages do not even have a budget of their own. These villages are currently under the housing stock of the city.

Meyers also shared how the village security access can be easily bypassed by anyone and the entire village is covered with long grass. The buildings are seen to be littered with fallen trees and the geysers are not operational. The paved walkways are already damaged while frail people are caring for the residents. The main Hall has suffered foundation cracks, the fire extinguishers have not been inspected for years and the caretaker’s office is not usable.

Clr Clarke took with him a housing official during the visit that was responsible for taking notes of the complaints. She said that the she is now going to focus on these retirement villages and to make sure that they get their own budget.

The DA is already planning to start a general maintenance while they believe that the same occurrence is happening at the Glenesk homes – sewerage was an added concern in the said village.

Clr Clarke is planning to finish visiting all the retirement villages soon together with her team in order for them to start with a proposed solution to address the issues. This is to make sure everything is settled before the council approves the budget. If you are in Australia, make sure that when you search retirement villages in Australia’s Sunshine Coast that they are well maintained and cared for.

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