Residents Of Edmond Could Face Higher Cemetery Fees

The city officials of Edmond are planning to expand the Gracelawn Cemetery and to ensure that its future will be sustainable. With these proposals, it is expected that the current rates of the cemetery might double. It will add to the funeral cost aside from purchasing casket or cremation urns for infants and adults.

The higher rate was one of the topics discussed during the council meeting and all of the members are in favor of the proposal. The final decision will be determined in a voting this month during the next council meeting.

Steve Commons, the assistant city manager, this is only the beginning as they are planning further to improve the system. In fact, the cemetery suffers an average loss of $91,534 annually. The city is paying for it using the money from the taxpayers.

Commons said that they are doing this in order to stop the subsidy from increasing.

Currently, there are 360 adult plots left in Gracelawn. The city officials are proposing for a cemetery expansion to handle growth in the future. Commons added that without resources they would not be able to push the expansion forward.

The expansion will be conducted at the northern part of the existing area because the land on the north of Gracelawn is already owned by the city. However, the city does not own the small parcel located at the fore of Covell Road.

One the city council gives its approval the rates will be effective immediately. Commons said that the new rates are almost the same as those imposed in the neighboring cities such as Moore and Yukon.

The current rate for an adult burial plot is $700 and the proposed plan will increase it to $1,400. Cremation plots, on the other hand, will become $700 while the cost of infant plots will still be $350.

For infants, opening and closing costs for cremation will become double but the date of the event will be the determining factor. It will be an additional burden aside from buying cremation urns for infants but it will still be cheaper compared to traditional burial.

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