Red Dot Best Of The Best In Design Category

Best of the Best design status by Red Dot jury was awarded to two supercars and one practical sedan. The two supercars were Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 570S while the practical sedan was Kia Optima. Every time that Ferrari launches a new car it tends to win the Red Dot best of the best award. However, for McLaren which has just been in the business last 2010, the award is certainly a great achievement. Both supercars Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 570S were given the Best of the Best honors in product design category but which among the two supercars is the best from your perspective?

The jury of experts that were given the responsibility to decide on the annual Dot awards can’t decide on the best of the best in design category. For the very first time, the jury included legendary automotive designer Chis Bangle on its panel. The McLaren 570S has enjoyed a fantastic reception ever since it was launched last year. According to the car’s chief designer, Rob Melville to be recognized by Red Dot as Best of the Best is a real honor even if it was shared with Ferrari 488 GTB.

Surprisingly, the two mid-engine turbocharged V8 200mph+ super cars were joined this year by Kia Optima that is a practical, comfortable and affordable four-door sedan. Unlike the desirable and innovative aesthetics of the two supercars, Kia Optima has visual appeal. The international design team based in the United States, Korea and Germany has every reason to be exceptionally proud of the car for being considered for the Best of the Best honors in design category.

There were actually 5,200 items that were entered for the product design category for Red Dot’s Design Awards. Items ranged from smart thermostats to stylish chairs, designer sunglasses and luxury pens but only 79 entries were considered for product design category.

Ferrari 488 price was officially made known to the world at the Geneva motor show. The price is about $275,000. The fact that Ferrari 488 GTB is a racing car is not supposed to discourage non-professional drivers who want to experience the driving sensation it offers.

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