Reasons For Choosing Deet Free Mosquito Repellent

Harmful insects such as mosquitoes are not only health risks, they are also annoying. This is the reason why people keep mosquito and insect repellent handy to ward off these pests from their homes, away from their loved ones. However, the down side of these insect repellent is that they contain harmful components and one of these chemicals is deet. While deet is effective in terminating pests and insects, studies show that they have adverse effect among humans and animals. To eliminate insects without harming your family, experts advise for consumers to read labels and choose deet free mosquito repellent.

Safe for humans

To ensure that you could effectively eliminate insects at home without causing irreversible damage to you and your loved ones, be extra meticulous in choosing cleaning agents and pesticides because these are the common items at home that can secretly harm your family. When exposed to deet and other harsh ingredients, people can suffer from cancer, birth defects and memory loss. The good news is that there are mosquitos and insect repellent that is formulated without these harmful ingredients. This way, you are not only protected from insects, you and your family are also protected from the product that is protecting you.

Doesn’t harm pets

With a deet free mosquito repellent, you won’t have to worry about your pets accidentally sniffing or getting exposed to the solution because it is also formulated to be safe not just for humans but for pets as well. A deet free mosquito repellent doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals but merely contains oil and natural ingredients that effectively kill insects while remaining safe for the ones you love.


The reason why deet free mosquito repellent is safe lies on the fact that it is made from natural ingredients. It is formulated so kids can enjoy their surroundings without being threatened by harmful insects. The product is formulated with the sensitive skins of young children and the safety of adult in mind and the result is an effective, oil-based insect repellent that is proven safe and effective by experts.

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