Protest Over Cutting Of Southern Rail Services

Passengers that make use of the southern train conducted a protest today at the Victoria station in London. This is because of the announcement of the operator that there are still cancelled trips as well as delays in the operation despite the newly devised timetable.

The company that is responsible in the operation of the trains that are travelling to and fro London and the southern part is already facing a lot of criticism in the last three months. This is due to the fact that hundreds of passengers riding the train are experiencing delays on a daily basis.
There are passengers that are complaining about not being able to go home as soon as work has ended because of the unreliable service. As a consequence, many parents are not able to see their kids after work and in some cases, workers have lost their employment. In a solution to the problems they are facing, the Southern has released a newly revised timetable only last week and the new schedule will be in operation starting on Monday.

There has been a protest that was conducted at the concourse of the London Victoria in an attempt to demonstrate for the operator the failed rush hour service they are providing. There are about 150 passengers with protesters wearing cow and devils masks that came together during the protest. They gathered at the Gatwick Express platform in order to shout that the Southern for their fail.
There are also chants regarding as to what the people want and they answer trains in unison. Followed by the question when do we want them and they answered on time. The station is filled with applause after the chant. Many of the protesters have banners and one of them says commuter hell.

The photo of the rail minister, Claire Perry, was also handed out as posters with the words urgent appeal on it. It also contains a message which expresses the concern of the people for Claire since she has stopped answering tweets, absent from public meetings and is showing no support to the passengers. Those who want to experience the train system in Vietnam, check out the Hanoi to Sapa train.

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