Pro-Trump Group Poll Reveals That Nearly Half Of Americans Agree With Democrat Leader

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, representing California, recently took the heat from the Republican party after releasing a statement that says that major corporation’s top executives were raking in bonuses thanks to the GOP’s tax revision plan, whilst the average Joe, who goes to get an EIN in Washington and work for the major companies, receives only ‘crumbs’.

But a recent poll from a group supporting the Trump administration has discovered that nearly half of America agrees with Pelosi, despite her getting a lot of flak from the Republicans over the past weeks.

The poll was done by the nonprofit America First Policies, a pro-Trump group that formed shortly after Trump was officially posted in the Oval Office. The CNBC published a report on the 1st of March, 2018, which details the AFP (officially listed as a social welfare organization), and its efforts on extensive polling, a process usually handled by major party committees acting as representatives of the incumbent president.

Shortly following the release of the report, a lot of people clung onto one particular question in the AFP’s most recent poll which asks about Nancy Pelosi’s comment about the bonuses that major companies receive thanks to the recent tax reform. The same comment that called what corporate America is giving to the workers as ‘crumbs’, and which Pelosi describes as “pathetic”.

The poll got the following results from its respondents:

  • 49% agreed
  • 43% disagreed
  • 35% strongly disagreed
  • 31% strongly agreed
  • 18% ‘somewhat agreed’
  • 9% ‘somewhat disagreed’
  • 5% unsure

The poll suggests that all the heat Pelosi received isn’t really sticking, at least not as of the current time. This, in spite of her face being plastered on San Francisco’s skylines, and President Trump comparing the comment to a gaffe by Hillary Clinton.

The poll’s been somewhat hopeful for Pelosi, but it also showed that she’s still unpopular for most Americans. The survey asked respondents on their impression of Pelosi, with 32% having a positive impression, whilst 53 had a negative impression.

The poll had 1,200 respondents, which were surveyed from Feb. 16-20, with a margin of error of 2.83%, according to the America First Policies group.

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