Preparation For The Mumbai Women Build

Two of the most popular faces in the home building industry of Scotland are already preparing for their flight to India this month. They are going to help the most marginalized communities found in India so that they will learn how to build their own houses.

These women are Nicola Barclay, trade body known as Homes for Scotland’s chief executive and Gill Henry who is working for Cruden Homes. They are supporting the advocacy that was initiated by Habitat for Humanity. The charity started an event in Mumbai called Women Build which will be held from the 21st of January until the 28th.

The program aims to help those poorest of the poor and vulnerable citizens in order to have their own decent home. The charity was able to raise a total amount of £8,500 in order to fund the venture. With the money, they will be able to start construction at the building site and doing tasks like bricklaying, mixing cement and then pouring it, painting as well as plastering.

Nicola shared that they know the task is going to be a challenging one but they are aware of the fact that over half of the population in Mumbai are living in slums while the rest are living in very poor conditions and worst are living on the streets.

She also added that she belongs in an industry where their main goal is to make sure everyone has a proper home that is not just safe but will make the people living in there secure. This is an opportunity for her to be one with other women in doing something about the current condition of those living in less fortunate situations and a chance for her to repay something to the community.

She finished with a note that there may be a lot of sweat and tears involved as well as blood but they will surely reap the rewards after.

According to the CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Meryl Davies, they are delighted that Nicola Barclay and Gill Henry are joining their program Women Build in Mumbai. Surely these women will learn a lot from the jobs usually done by carpenters, builders and plasterer in Sydney.

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