Positive Feedback On The Use Of Technology For Pest Control

It is very likely that you have heard of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is very prominent in chat bots, virtual assistants and conversational tools that companies use to enhance customer service, productivity and efficiency of operations.

On the other hand, AI is also being used today in sectors like agriculture to produce better crops. For example, one of the tools used by seed retailers applies artificial intelligence to analyse agricultural data and create the best corn crops. Pest control firms are also making use of AI-based image recognition technology for the efficient identification of threats from different types of bugs and vermin.

Geneticists are making use of artificial intelligence to produce the best corn crops; meanwhile, Retokil is using AI for pest control purposes. Most of the companies’ 5,000 technicians are using their Android phones to download a mobile app developed by Accenture to identify bugs. When a technician comes across a new type of bug or rodent, he takes a picture of the pest for identification through PestID app. The app works through Google’s image classification and machine learning software that sifts through pest images to properly identify the pest.

Once positive identification has been made, the app will immediately recommend an appropriate solution that has been pre-populated to assist the technician on the right treatment plan including the necessary chemicals to be used and recommendations to homeowners to avoid the recurrence of pest infestation.

According to technicians, Accenture’s PestID app is very crucial to pest control because different pests require a specific chemical for treatment. Every time that a technician takes a picture of a pest, it enhances the recognition and classification capabilities of ML algorithms.

Technicians in North America that are using the Accenture app are sending very positive feedback regarding their pest control experiences because they are able to work with new technology.

If you notice that the pest population in your home or office can no longer be controlled through over-the-counter solutions, call pest control in Perth for immediate assistance. Only the right eco-friendly solutions will be used to ensure that the home and workplace is safe and free from pests.

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