Pokemon Go To Boost Real Estate

The whole country is raving about the new gaming app called Pokemon Go and thousands of businesses all over the country are already using the game to garner more customers. A broker from New York thinks it is time that the real estate uses the gaming app as a bait to boost more sales.

It was only last week that Pokemon Go became available in the United States. According to Mike Schulte of Citi Habitats, there are thousands of businesses that are already riding the Pokemon wave in order to attract more customers. They use the game to promote their business by saying that their locations are hubs where the players can get the monsters they are looking for. Remember that the players are now ranging into millions and by attracting more customers, the sales are likely to go up.

After reading about the news, Schulte and his team at the marketing department thinks that they could adapt the same at Citi Habitats. They could lure Pokemon Go players to the open houses that they have as well as their leasing offices. Based on an email that was sent by the brokerage firm, the game could help create more awareness to their brand as well as possibilities of presenting to people which could turn to sales.

Schulte said that they can lure game players and the important thing is that they have to be close to a Pokestop. In majority of the cases, the game could have something in a certain neighborhood but the monsters will only stay there for about 30 minutes.

Pokestops are pre-set locations that can be found inside the game. It can either be church or a wall and players will be able to collect items and put lures wherein they could catch the Pokemon. This can be used by real estate develop by putting a lure in a certain neighborhood and attracting gamers in the process. When the Pokemon Go becomes available in Thailand and other parts of the globe, this can also be used in condos for sale in Pattaya.

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