Phuket’s Elephant Sanctuary: Promoting Novatel In Patong And Tourism

Elephants are considerably loveable and cute creatures. Despite their gigantic size, some elephants in the right now are used and some, even abused by both legal and illegal logging corporations and trekking industries. Nowadays, there are hundreds of animal sanctuaries in which majority of these sanctuaries are currently under fire by the public for display an unacceptable behaviour towards, mainly elephants and some, even abusing them or not giving them the proper care that these creatures deserve. Fortunately, there’s an elephant sanctuary in the island of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is considered as a revolution to the animal tourism because of its philosophy to help elephants around the world to have a place to retire, and have a home which will rehabilitate them. If you are planning to visit the sanctuary any time soon you should consider staying at Novatel in Patong because it’s one of the best 4-star hotels in the town of Patong and you can even take advantage of the hotel’s location because it’s extremely close to the shopping district and there’s plenty of transportation choices if you want to visit the elephant sanctuary.

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has been attracting the attention of some of the Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo di Carprio, Aaron Paul and even the members of the band Coldplay, who have learned about the sanctuary and eventually visited it. These celebrities have nothing but praise especially to the management of the sanctuary owing to the fact that they don’t make the elephants do some funny tricks or carrying people as they ride up the mountains. In fact, the sanctuary and its management are making sure that these elephants will be well taken care of and are comfortable while they are in their natural habitat. It’s also the goal of the sanctuary to give these elephants some dignity and the freedom to be themselves at the comfort of their natural habitat. If you are staying at Novatel in Patong Town and you are to visit the sanctuary, you will have to pay 117 US Dollars for a day visit which includes the chance to elephants do what happy elephants usually do such as: bathing themselves, scavenging for tropical fruits, tramping through the thick mud and others.

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