Pattaya 4 Star Hotel For Practical And Fun-Loving Tourists

If you have enough budget and you want to spend for a luxurious holiday in Thailand, booking in a 5 star hotel is the best way to go. However, if you have the budget but you want to practical with your expenses, a Pattaya 4 star hotel is where you should book your reservations from. One of the reasons is that if you would take a closer look at it, there is not much difference between a 5 star hotel and a 4 star one. Both hotel types have concierge, valet parking, open restaurants and 24-hour room services. However, in a 5 star hotel, these services are automatic and are available 24/7. For a 4 star hotel, guests have to request for these services to be available.

Aside from minimal difference in terms of service availability, a 4 star hotel is also a practical option for those who want to experience optimum luxury in their hotel accommodation without having to pay the price of an exclusive 5 star hotel. You can find Pattaya 4 star hotel that offers luxury suites that are also found in 5 star hotels and both have the same ritzy amenities that its guests can enjoy. The only difference between the two is its service availability. While services in 5 star hotels are automatic and are already included in the rates, services in 4 star hotels are optional and needs to be requested.

When you book in a 4 star hotel, you get to save money on your accommodation without having to compromise the quality of your vacation. You can use the savings in getting into water activities, island hopping and other water-related enjoyment in the island.

You just have to note that 4 star hotels are in demand during peak season.  If you want to stay in a Pattaya 4 star hotel, it would be best to book a room in advance even during low season to save money and at the same time, to ensure that you will have a hotel to stay in during your holiday.

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