The Rising Popularity Of E-Sports

Two year ago, the League of Legends held their finals game for the world championship and sixty million people witnessed the battles. Professional game players participated during the event in order to bag the tile for being the best players in the world. Not to mention the prize money that was at stake was $1 million. After the event, a lot of game reviews were posted online to discuss the game strategies.

One might not realize the impact of the e-sports in the current population but if you think about the Oscars ceremony in 2015, 65 million viewers tuned in all over the globe. Now you can compare how big the influence of the competitive video gaming has.

E-sports are now considered to be a global phenomenon because of the number of following. Many are vying to be the best in the world because of the title and the prize money at stake. The highest tournament prize was $25 million. To realize the impact of e-sports, the Luxor Casino which is located in Las Vegas dedicated an arena wherein players can compete. The space is equipped with a 50-foot LED which is attached to on the wall for video streaming and it has a competition stage as well as telescopic seating.

Many are now questioning whether e-sports should really be considered as a sport.The very first tournament of e-sports happened in Stamford University in 1972. The game they are competing against is Spacewar and the winner will get one year of Rolling Stones subscription. The first competition event was in 1980 where 10,000 individuals participated. It was for the championship of the Space Invaders video game.

From then on, video game developers have included high score games in their features. The first video game to be features on the Guinness Book of World Records because of the high score was Twin Galaxies. From 1990s on wards, things escalated because of the internet and the introduction of the World Wide Web. Now there are millions of video games found online, free and paid. There are thousands of game reviews on a single game while video game streaming has also gained popularity.

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Importance Of Hotel Branding In Thailand

Branding is one of the crucial tasks in the process of establishing a hotel or a resort. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, it is compulsory to develop a strong brand identity for your hotel or resort in order to grab the attention of the customers and keep them coming back.

The right branding in Thailand for your hospitality business should be able to convey a clear message to the customers and entice them to use your services. The brand must be able to set you clearly ahead of the competitors and ensure your customers recommend you to others.

Before deciding the branding in Thailand strategy for your hotel, first determine your target audience and their preferences and requirements from the hotel. Develop clear cut strategy on how you will work to satisfy the needs of your guests. Most of these details can be found from your business plan where you highlight the goals of the business.

Proper branding helps to increase the reputation of your hotel and attract guests looking for unique and satisfying experiences. It is important to provide a unified branding experience for your guests by maintaining the brand identity in all the websites, social media content, advertisements, signage, stationary and other marketing materials of the hotel. Maintaining a single theme across all the marketing and branding materials improves brand recall value by allowing the customers to develop emotional connect with your hotel.

The prices of rooms is a game changer when it comes to hotel branding in Thailand and should be based on the brand identity of the hotel. For example, if you are branding your hotel as an affordable luxury hotel, the room rates should be affordable and competitive and if your hotel is a premium luxury segment, the room rates should be on the higher side of the spectrum. The room rates should be on par with the competitor’s prices in order to be able to attract the customers and turn them to your loyal customers.

Hotels should spend time and resources on developing the right hotel branding in Thailand by identifying the target audience and speaking to them directly about the unique services and amenities offered by the hotel. A clear branding strategy helps the hotels to win over competitors and earn major revenues.

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The Impact Of Marijuana Legalization To The Tax Revenue In Colorado

The Mayor of Littleton, Colorado has heard many times how the legalization of marijuana could benefit the state. There are words of encouragements from mayors of other states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Not to mention the fact that it is being endorsed to her during council meetings and when she has to deal with executives that are full on support of the cannabis industry. Many have told her about the positive impact it will have because revenue from CO Tax ID will never be enough to pay for new schools as well as build new roads.

Every time she is faced with the topic, she has always stood her ground against it because for her the number of people in her community that does not want it is more than those who want it. The same thing is currently happening in New Jersey because the officials in the municipalities are also not sold with the idea of legalizing weed in their state. The issue is getting hotter by the minute because of the recent encouragement made by Governor Phil Murphy who wants the Garden State to legally sell marijuana.

For the past six months, New Jersey his set on banning the selling of marijuana within the state with Point Pleasant Beach and Shrewsbury Borough leading. Over 20 towns have also called for the ban of marijuana sales beginning at the Shore until it reached municipalities such as Brigantine, Old Bridge and Hasbrouck Heights. In total, 4 per cent of the municipalities all over New Jersey issued bans.

Though personal consumption is allowed in these towns, there will be no marijuana dispensaries allowed in the local area. Looking at what’s happening in New Jersey, one can look back at what Colorado municipalities also did when the 2012 ballot included in the legalization of marijuana for recreational reasons.

The result is that around 70 per cent of the counties and cities are not in favor because they believe that tax revenue gathered from businesses and entities with CO tax ID will be enough for the development of the state. Now looking at the state, 93 cities including counties have marijuana dispensaries for recreational purposes because there are those who believe that their state will also benefit from the tax revenue like other states where marijuana is legal.

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New Airports Received Approval In Thailand

Thailand has recently faced a lot of issues including the closure of the famous Maya Bay because of the result of over tourism. During the same time, the board of directors of the Airports of Thailand decided to approve the proposed airports. There will be two new facilities to be constructed – first is in Phuket while the other one in Chiang Mai. The measure is necessary because of the increasing number of arrivals. Many travellers are hoping to visit Chiang Mai best restaurant while others wish to experience the beaches in Phuket.

These are two of the hotspots for tourists in Thailand but each of them only has a single operating airport. The new airports are expected to meet the rise in tourist arrivals. NitinaiSirismatthakarn, president of AOT, said that the two new airport will cost them about 60 billion baht while the construction will begin next year.

Chiang Mai’s second airport will be constructed in Ban Thi district located in Lamphun. Phuket’s site, on the one hand, will be at Ban KhokKruaddistrict which is found in Pang Nga. These two new airports are expected to be finished by 2025 at the very minimum. When these are operational, they will be able to handle 10 million more arrivals.

With regards to the closure of the Maya Bay, the area became a victim because of too much popularity after it was featured in a Leonardo DiCaprio 2000 movie called The Beach. It is located in Koh Phi PhiLeh and ever since the movie it has received a lot of attention in the past two decades. There are instances where 5,000 people are coming at once on a single day using boats from Krabi or Phuket especially during peak season.

In the end, coral reefs were affected because of the number of activities such as power boating, swimming and snorkelling. Studies have shown the 72 per cent of the coral reefs of Thailand are now in grave danger because of deterioration in the past decade. As Maya Bay closes, perhaps tourists can find other places to visit and experiences such as Chiang Mai best restaurant in order to taste the excellent local delicacies.

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Why Bangkok Japanese Restaurants Serve Delicious Authentic Japanese Foods

There are so many Bangkok Japanese restaurants but those that are keen to details, genuine surroundings and great value are not so common. Kisso Japanese Restaurant on the Westin Grand Sukhumvit is one of those Japanese restaurants that has all these features. It comes with great service and high quality ingredients, a must for high-end Japanese restaurant, Kisso offers its guests a scrumptious meal to fill in their gastronomy.

In Bangkok, there are so many Japanese restaurants to try but there is none that tastes better than Kisso. It’s a tasteful place that so elegant and creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The main dining room has a formal ambiance that other Bangkok Japanese restaurants don’t have. They have teppanyaki grill tables and sushi bar seating, with the two teppanyaki rooms and the sushi bar separated as well. They also provide private rooms with traditional tatami seating setups.

They include a large menu of ala carte items, set lunches and dinners, and special all-you-can-eat lunch buffet which is gaining popularity. You can try so many items which may be new to you like the soft-shell crab tempura. It’s cooked with high heat to obtain the right crispness which the chef did perfectly. There are also the salmon and scallops from the teppanyaki grill, sushi California roll set and miso soup.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also set lunches offering a variety of Japanese cuisines which include sukiyaki, tempura, teppanyaki, grilled fish and other traditional Japanese Bento box lunch on the menu. The prices of these food are so reasonable that you should come and try it.

For dinner, few set menus have been covered by various specialties like the yakiniku, yakizakana and teppanyakiwith Kobe beef. It also serves a large option of ala carte items of cuisine styles mentioned above. Basically, Kisso is the right choice if you want to visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants to dine in.

Bangkok has many choices of Japanese food to try when you come visit Bangkok Japanese restaurants. But you should remember that Kisso offers high quality food with a genuine setting and prices that are really of great value.

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How School Cleaners In Sydney Should Maintain Cleanliness In Schools

School cleaning is a combination of commercial janitorial services and medical cleaning. Each school district need to concern themselves with proper school cleaning. The areas where children are must be properly cleaned always to avoid the spread of infectious diseases and to provide a safe environment for them. This is why school cleaners in Sydney are needed for the school’s cleanliness and good maintenance.

What a School Cleaning Service Must Include?

For school cleaners, they need to ensure that:

  • All waste receptacles within the building are properly emptied on a regular basis. The waste containers need to be washed and disinfected. Children may throw away pieces of garbage and when left unattended for a certain period of time, it can infiltrate pests.


  • The school cleaners in Sydney must provide school cleaning packages that include the floor care services. The cleaners need to sweep all floors of the building and mop it with disinfecting cleaners. The carpeted areas must be vacuumed to get rid of debris. There must be a regular schedule for carpet cleaning. If children have to sit on the carpets, cleaners need to spray disinfectants on the carpets for a regular basis. This will ensure the safety and protection of the kids especially when seated on the carpets.


  • All furniture like cabinets, desks, tabletops and seating areas must be wiped with a sanitising solution to prevent the spread of bacteria.


  • Windows must be cleaned frequently especially that kids leave fingerprints on the glass surfaces.


  • Toilets, sinks and bathroom walls must be cleaned thoroughly with a sanitising solution especially during school sessions.


  • Walls in the hallway must be cleaned by the school cleaners in Sydneyespecially that kids can have their hands on the walls as they walk in it.


  • Staff offices, desks, chairs and blinds must be cleaned and dusted always. Trash bins must be emptied. Apply sanitising solutions as frequently as possible to ensure everyone’s safety when entering the office.

In some instances, schools can have outbreaks of lice, scabies and other related infections. When it happens, the school cleaners in Sydney must apply appropriate disinfectants to cure the widespread of germs.

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