Transport Business In India Diversifying As A Courier Service

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) in India recently announced plans to establish itself as a full-fledged courier business starting this September. It can be recalled that this entered into a contract with ANL Parcel Service. However, their contract is set to end this coming August. APSRTC decided not to renew their contract, but instead, will be establishing its very own courier and parcel services. The APSRTC claims that with this decision, they will be able to increase their revenue significantly.

An RTC official says that the corporation is expected to extend better service compared to the other parcel and courier service providers that are already in operation. ANL has been in the parcel and courier business for more than two decades, specifically operating in Andhra Pradesh.  It experimented and launched a separate parcel services. So far, they must have been satisfied with the results, enough to decide to enter the courier business on its own. APSRTC Chief Traffic Manager K. Gopinatha Reddy says that they are already making preparations for their plans and are set to give franchises. They are aiming to gain presence in different villages, towns and cities where franchises are expected to collect and deliver the goods.

At present, APSRTC has a fleet of 12,0000 buses which they say have the ability to reach every nook and corner of the State. APSRTC might be able to provide courier quote online too in the future. This has already laid out plans to utilize the power of technology. According to Executive Director G. Jaya Rao, the company already has a separate software developed to ensure that they will have a way to track the movement of goods.

APSRTC’s decision to become a courier service should no longer come as a surprise. It can be recalled that this industry has been showing positive trends since 2015. In fact, it was said that it was one of the fastest growing industries in India. With its decision, will the other transport groups follow suit? Yes or not, the other courier companies will have to be on their toes if these transport business should decide to enter the delivery business.


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Is Relocating Really A Good Idea?

Whether it’s good or not, there are many people who choose to relocate just the same. In Australia for example, removals in Sydney get calls from people wanting to relocate, where citizens in here are said to change location at an average of 13 times over the course of their lives. The data comes from a study conducted by the Origin Energy. In comparison, findings from a 2016 Roy Morgan research revealed that 40.7% of Australians above 14 years have lived in the same house for 10 or more years. The same study also shows that there are also those who chose to live a mobile lifestyle and lived in their address for less than two years.

What could be the reason that people move places, giving removals in Sydney a reason to continue doing business? Is it because the grass is greener in the new place?

According to the founder of the Mental Health Recovery Institute in Australia, Pedro Diaz, people have their own reasons for moving, ranging from boredom to escaping abuse. He says that relocating is all a part of wanting to experience a better life.

ABS data on the other hand says that some of the reasons why people choose to live in another location are finding a better housing, study, employment, and family conflicts like divorce. The mobile lifestyle on the other hand is commonly observed by younger age group, young families, those who rent, and the rich.

For Soren Reichelt, a 31-year-old IT strategist, he likes the idea of adventure and vigor that the mobile lifestyle offers. He began embracing this lifestyle since he was 17 years old. Reichelt has already lived in 15 different houses, where he claims that he changes residence on the average of one year. The longest stay he had was two years at a house in Kew, Victoria. While he says that the thought of moving is horrible, he nevertheless finds living in a new environment very attractive.

An Origin Energy study says that relocating will require time and resources. It is said that this will take 16 working days. When multiplied by 13 which is the average number that an Australian moves, this is equivalent to half a year.

On another note, a research conducted by the Cardiff University and University of Hampshire showed that moving can promote positive change, help boost memory, and break ingrained habits.

Is it a good idea to move or not and how many are desirable? Diaz says that it’s actually just a matter of preference.

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South Florida Furniture Company Consults IBM For Online Shopping Help

With the growing ubiquity of the internet and online business practices, a South Florida furniture store has decided to get some expert help with their online operations, hoping to improve the sales process, and make it more convenient for its customers to browse and buy furniture and bar stools online.

City Furniture, a Tamarac-based furniture chain, went to software expert IBM, and asked for help in utilizing online data for the company. The software giant accepted, and created three new apps for the company, which it will be rolling out to its sales associates at selected locations. The new apps are set to be received by 400 City Furniture sales associates at 12 of the chain’s branches, as well as in 12 Ashley Furniture HomeStore Showrooms across South Florida.

The apps were designed for a more convenient customer-store interaction process, complete with personalized product recommendations for each customer, streamlined payment process, and better product delivery scheduling for a more efficient and convenient experience.

IBM’s Global Managing Director and General Manager for the Consumer Industry, Mr. Laurence Haziot, said that the aim of the apps was to deliver the innovations offered by online shopping, in order to make the brick-and-mortar experience more convenient.

Haziot has pointed out that the consumers of today are more savvy than ever before, using the vast stores of information on the internet to do research on products way before they even step foot inside a store’s premises. This means that, in order for retailers to stay in tune with customers, it has become necessary for them to bring in the new developments in interaction and engagement technology. He adds that the apps will allow City Furniture associates to tap into and make use of the relevant product and customer data.

The three apps are:

  • Sales Assist: Rebranded by City Furniture, now known as ASAP (Accelerating Sale Associates’ Performance), the app grants access to City Furniture’s inventory, as well as giving associates the information needed to make personalized recommendations to customers, as well as allowing for choosing payment preferences and the like.
  • Payments: App that lets employees of the chain to finish transactions with customers instantly.
  • Finance: Allows customers to apply for retail financing through either a City Furniture or an Ashley Furniture consumer finance account.

City Furniture’s President, Keith Koenig, stated that the company was founded on the idea of providing its customers with top-notch service and convenience, and that these apps were aimed towards that, allowing customers to browse products, such as bar stools online.

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NZ Post To Deliver Food?

In New Zealand, the Kiwis may be seeing more of the local post office with its recent partnership with Menulog.

Menulog is on online food and beverage ordering platform, which has been in service for more than ten years now. This has partnered with several restaurants so that people can easily order their meals whenever they want to.

At present, the 800 partners of the company already have their own ordering platform, but for those who still do not have their own, Paul Dodds, the commercial manager of Menulog NZ, says that the Local New Zealand Post would be responsible in delivering the food from the rest that do not have their own. He adds that there are a lot of restaurants that have yet to established their own delivery system. Until they can find NZ couriers who can do this for them or at the time that they have the means to establish their own, Dodds says that the New Zealand post is the best choice as they have nationwide coverage.

New Zealand Post already started delivering for Menulog in April. One of its more popular clients is KFC. What could have prompted this to accept the deal from Menulog? The national postal service has been experiencing a decline in mail and parcel deliveries, no thanks to the new and faster NZ couriers in the country. It was a clear indication that they needed to diversify their options and not solely depend on traditional stream of income. The break from Menulog was a chance that was considered too juicy to pass up since it was a way to increase the office’s income.

Currently, the partnership is still in its testing phase. NZ Post currently depends on 20 NZ Post drivers in Auckland. If everything goes well, they are expected to roll out operations across the country in the next few months. If everything goes smoothly, then the locals might be able to see some job openings for a few more drivers from the New Zealand Post soon.

Dodds says that he is excited about this new venture. Menulog has about 300,000 subscribers to date from all major towns and cities. With the inclusion of the New Zealand Post in the equation, could this mean that this figure could balloon even more in the coming months?

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Digital Savvy Customers Forcing Insurance Providers To Use Technology

Technology users could mean an upgrade in the insurance industry in the near future.

Nowadays, more and more people are relying heavily in the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones. They use these things for work, research, communication, and even for shopping. Millennials for one expect to be able to shop for products and services and have these delivered in their inbox or front door in an instant. With these changes, different retail providers, including insurance providers, may be forced to use technology to a greater extent if they wanted to remain competitive in their respective markets.

And insurance providers may have more to gain from these too. Industry experts are now claiming that when this is partnered with micro insurance products, insurance providers may be able to reach a wider audience that will now include the low-income individuals.

Is this a viable idea? According to a 2016 US insurance auto shopping study, 75% use insurer websites when trying to get quotes or researching for additional information on a product. This type of behavior is not only exclusive to auto insurance products. This is also true for other products or services where people are now using the power of the Internet to research about the product of service that they want to avail.

The buying behavior of people has already changed since the introduction of the Internet. Insurance providers should seize this opportunity to improve their services and consider increasing their revenue by allowing people access to their products or services with the use of an online portal where people could easily compare or purchase online products like those of chartered accountant liabilility insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance.

Today, these tools are simply dubbed as InsurTech (Insurance Technology) products. There are now companies that are specifically creating these. These are now claiming that they could provide better stability for underwriters in the world of insurance that is often threatened by disruptive changes.

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority in Kenya, InsurTech providers are now providing ways for insurance companies to promote and sell their products and services through the tools that they provide. With the new technological tools, insurance companies are also hoping to be able to come up with new products to meet the changing needs of their potential clients.

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Why Destination Weddings Are Popular Among Millennial Couples

Destination weddings are getting pretty popular these days particularly among millennial couples. More and more couples prefer to say “I dos” abroad instead of the traditional home-based ceremony and reception. Resorts usually offer wedding packages that are more generous than others in terms of the benefits offered. For example, wedding resort in Hua Hin boasts of the beauty of the setting sun as the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding.

Wedding expert Danielle Andrews of Wedding Planners Institute of Canada estimates that there is at least one in every five Canadian couples who want to hold their nuptials abroad. To narrow down the numbers further, as high as 40% of millennial couples prefer a destination wedding. According to Andrews, millennial couples are looking for more unique locations where they can have a different experience.

While a destination wedding can be an attractive alternative, planning for the event is a different story. Andrews told Global News that a destination wedding is not a one day affair and couples have to take into account the days that their guests will spend for travel and relaxation.

According to Destination Weddings Travel Group 2016 Trend Report, the average number of nights that a couple must plan for is 4 for the guests and 7 for themselves. If the plan is more than 4 days, there must be some sort of excursion that the guests will enjoy.

Destination weddings are usually intimate affairs because only a few of the guests invited will be willing to travel. The average number of guests is usually 28 which make it easier for the couple to enjoy the romantic event.

The peak time for destinations weddings is usually from November to May because of the favourable weather. To make sure of the availability of a resort, book at least one year in advance and give your guests enough notice.

You can book the event at wedding resort in Hua Hin. Share your love story with the wedding coordinator so that it will be showcased for all your loved ones to enjoy. You have plenty options that include a wedding at the beach with the sun setting or a garden party where you can dance all night.

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