Orange County, Filling Up With New Swimming Pool Even On A Drought

There may be a drought in the entire state of California but that isn’t stopping Orange County from building backyard pools or infinity pools. One particular homeowner, David Mickey, did not let the drought get in the way of his plans to build a pool in his backyard.

In fact, he has even said that his pool is actually going to help him save water. The landscaping of the pool area would include an artificial turf, cement decking, plants that are tolerant to the drought and a computer controlled system that would help adjust the watering depending on the season as well as monitor the pool water levels.

Mickey described his system as a water conserver because through it, he says that he will be able to know how much water he is using and he can control it with the use of his phone.

It is no secret that the state of California and the local water agencies are all working together to put restrictions in the water use in Orange County to as much as 35 percent, the construction of pools in the Orange County appears to be booming and blooming.

Since 2010, Orange County homeowners have installed about 4,500 new swimming pools in their backyards. 829 were built in 2014 alone and this year, the number is expected to be at 900.

Mike Brunning, the president of Orange County Pools, said that the business is skyrocketing and that they are all booked up this year.

The reason for this apparent boom in pools is due to the economic recovery that the country is experiencing.

In defense to the pool industry, they said that pools save more water than lawns and conventional landscaping. The local water agencies had confirmed of its validity but they have also said that would only work for a couple of years.

With the state imposing various restrictions on water use, many agencies have questioned the refilling and filling of swimming pools. Bans are being placed in several cities but even with these restrictions, it would seem that the people’s desire to build pools could not be hindered.

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